This product is ONLY for Kontakt 5 Full Version

*This product DOES NOT work in the Kontakt FREE Player*

If you do NOT own Kontakt 5 Full Version, you can purchase it by CLICKING HERE

**DO NOT attempt to add the instruments in this product into Kontakt as a library! This is not a licensed library, these are instruments for Kontakt 5 FULL VERSION!**

System Requirements:

Kontakt 5 Full Latest Version (v5.6.6) Required

(NOT the FREE Player, but the FULL PAID $399.00 Version)

*Version 5.6.6 of Kontakt or higher is required as this library is taking advantage of the newly added larger GUI dimensions (1000x750 Pixels) introduced in this version*

Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10 or 10.11 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

Windows 7, 8 & 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo CPU or an AMD Athlon 64 X2 CPU


• Requires a 7200 RPM or higher Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or preferrably a Solid State Drive (SSD)

• 6 GB of RAM (8 GB Recommended)

(VGSG's EP Heaven is a combination of all of our Kontakt libraries, plus loads of new sounds all in one library. Therefore, we strongly recommend you have at least 6GB of RAM to run VGSG's EP Heaven without issue.)

Because this is a digital download, this product is NON-REFUNDABLE

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VGSG's EP Heaven


Imagine the classic Electric Pianos from our MKS-20 emulation "VGSG's MKS-20 Sounds Pack" and "Classic Gospel Synth Sounds", the FDSP driven Electric Pianos from our EX5 library, the classic JD-800 Crystal Rhodes, our Ballad EP and a handful of all new super expressive FM Electric Pianos. Complemented by pretty Bells, soaring Strings, a heavenly Choir, otherworldly Pads and even Electric Piano FX such as Releases, Tines and more!

Well this is now a reality, this is VGSG's EP Heaven!

With VGSG's EP Heaven, you can layer up to four (4) of the mentioned sounds above. We're also going all out with Kontakt's FX section! You can apply ten (10) effects to any of the four sounds in your layer. Only want an effect to be appiled to one sound? No problem, there will be an FX toggle button for each sound element. Stereo Left/Right Panning is also included for each sound element for the ability to create fat, wide and complex EP layers.

We're also letting you fully customize each sound with the ability to edit the Key Range for each sound element right from the user interface, as well as overall Velocity Curves!

Sounds Included:

From Classic Gospel Synth Sounds and it's Aux Expansion Pack:

- Chime Bells

- Dark Pad


- MK Rhodez

- Pretty Bells

- Sparkle Bells

- V's Rhodes

- Water EP

- West Coast

- Warm Strings

From VGSG's EX5 Sounds:

- All Cream

- Background Strings

- EX Tines

- EX Rhodes

- Meditation

- Warmer


From VGSG's MKS-20 Sounds Pack:

- EP 1 Chorus

- EP 2 Chorus

- Vibraphone Dry & Chorus

- Classic Dyno

- Bell Stack

From VGSG's VST Store:

- Crystal Rhodes

- Ballad EP

All New FM Electric Pianos:

 - Over 15 New FM EPs Straight from the FM Monster that is the SY77! More info to come!


New Sounds Exclusive to VGSG's EP Heaven:

- MK1 Stage

- MK2 Stage

- Electric Grand (CP)

- "Dyno-My-EX5"

- Choirs (More info coming)

- Electric Piano FX: FM EP Releases, EX5 Bell Tines & Release

                    - Pads from the SY77 & EX5 (More info coming)


More Sounds Will Be Added as Product Page is Updated

More features and information will be added as this library continues in development!

Projected Release Date is ...

We Accept the Following Type of Payments:

For the first time ever, we are opening pre-orders!

This library and it's concept has been requested by many for us to do. And while we want to do it, please understand that this is going to take the majority of 2017 to fully develop. We don't want this to be a basic, dull and non-user friendly library.

So we are opening pre-orders for those who want to secure their copy of VGSG's EP Heaven. And as always, we thank you for your support!

Introduction Video

Pre-order VGSG's EP Heaven at a discount and upon release, you will automatically be charged and you will receive VGSG's EP Heaven.

*Note: You will NOT be charged UNTIL the day this releases!

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Pre-order Price: $90

(Saving $40 - Retail Price Will Be $130.00)

File Size: Projected to Be 45GB-50GB

(This is a MASSIVE EP library! Prepare your HDDs/SSDs!)