In December of 2011, I created the YouTube channel VGSoundtrackGuy with the hopes to try and make Video Game music a more popular subject to showcase and discuss.

Video Game music is sadly very underrated and it is not seen in the same light as for example, Film Music. I hope to help change that with my channel.


In 2015, VGSoundtrackGuy changed from a small YouTube channel to a small business now named VGSoundtrackGuy Music.

Under VGSoundtrackGuy Music, I develop and sell Virtual Instruments for the Kontakt 5 sampler, and I also offer sounds and samples for iOS and more!

Purpose & Mission:

I created VGSoundtrackGuy Music, to primarily bring the Gospel musician community the real deal sounds of old in VST format. Specifically the sounds from the time frame of the 1980s-2000s.

Gospel music and it's musicians as of late have been completely transitioning over to software synthezier sounds. And before I started to develop, the soft synth market had very few high quality and ultra expressive, Gospel tailored virtual instruments. We had to make do with low quality sounds that lacked any form of expression. I planned on changing that with VGSoundtrackGuy Music.

Combining my expertise with Computer Information Technology, my passion for high fidelity sound and my knowledge of Kontakt 5 development, I have brought the Gospel music community the sounds of old. No shortcuts, no corners cut. Real deal, accurate emulations. I hope every musician who loves old school synth sounds can benefit from my emulations.